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Aiden-Blaine’s Avatar
Aiden-Blaine Feb 22, 2017 743 views

What is hard about coding and if I succeed will i get payed a lot?

Is coding fun because we and my friend want to be a coder for a company called Blizzard. #coding

jacob’s Avatar
jacob Feb 22, 2017 1902 views

How time consuming is coding

Again we wanted to code for a company called blizzard, but we are worried that we may have to take work home or work overtime #computer-software #coding

Wilfrido’s Avatar
Wilfrido Oct 20, 2016 838 views

What is one of the most difficult things to figure out when trying to complete a bachelors in Computer engineering?

I am very interested in computer engineering and want to know what other people who have a degree in that have to say #computer-software