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Management Consulting Associate at PwC
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Gautam’s Avatar
Gautam Jan 17, 2018 508 views

Is it possible to get an internship at the end of the freshman year summer?

I'm a freshman majoring in computer science and economics. I'd like to do an internship this summer but I've heard that that's very difficult to get. What specific skills and classes should I take to help secure an internship in, e.g., a consulting company? #internships

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 07, 2018 523 views

What’s the best way to prepare to have a roommate?

At home I have my own room and it is my safe haven. I’m an introvert. I love spending time with other people, but I need the time to recharge and take a break every day in order to keep myself going. In college I will have at least one roommate if not two or three. I’m doing my best to find a...

Yuritzi’s Avatar
Yuritzi Jan 22, 2018 614 views

What is the most difficult challenge students face in college?

I'm asking this because students all over the U.S have different experiences, and challenges based on where they go to college and the classes they take. Although, i'm pretty sure most challenges are similar in one way to another and this will help me be more prepared for college and be aware...