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Salt Lake City, Utah
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I want to be a High School Secondary Math Teacher. Teaching Honors and AP Math in Utah, Arizona or Georgia Public or Charter High School.


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Renee Jan 15, 2018 982 views

Are brick and mortar schools really better than online when it comes to getting a job?

I am been curious about the stigma attached to the new university models from adult or returning students who cannot attend a regular university class.
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Renee Jan 15, 2018 471 views

Are Alternative Route Licenses for educators as transferable to other states as Educator Licenses?

I am currently looking at a second Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education or I could take my first Bachelors Degree in Business Management; Accounting and get and Alternative Route License to teach in Utah. There is the possibility that my family will need to move out of Utah and I want to...