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Aubrey L. Apr 17, 2018 237 views

How many scholarships would I have to apply to in order to win enough money to cover their entire tuition?

Over the course of the past month I have applied to a lot more scholarships the. I ever thought I would, and I have started looking at the odds of me getting a scholarship being 1 of a hundred on average meaning if I wanted to pay of my tuition that would mean applying to say around 100...

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Aubrey L. Apr 17, 2018 130 views

Why is it that teens are so reluctant to take eight am classes in college when in reality they'll probably end up working at a job that starts at eight am for the next twenty years?

As a perspective college student I have been advised by numerous college students and admissions officers that I won't have to take early classes when it comes to starting college, when college is meant to be for preparing students for starting rigorous and time structured jobs....