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Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Amit Jul 29, 2020 540 views

How should i approach the firm as grower as well as marketing personnel as both are two different side type of work?

I want to learn the marketing skills as for a business to be sucessful marketing is one of the most important thing.
I want to learn the details of vertical farming as a grower as a want to start my own farm
#business #expert

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Amit Jul 29, 2020 500 views

I want to learn hydroponics so what should be my approach start a small or miniature project or to work under some farm and gain experience

I am an agriculture graduate, i have worked as a greenhouse manager for 6months lost the job due to covid, my dream is to start my vertical farm, but i have very small amount of 5-7k as my saving, so should i learn hydroponics by experimenting on my own orshould i gain experience through...

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Amit Jul 01, 2019 553 views

How could I make my career in CEA(controlled environment agriculture)

Hydroponics, aeroponics, container farming, Indoor Farming #career