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Jacob Oct 27, 2015 865 views

What would be some jobs i could do when im in highschool

i want to know a few jobs i could do while i'm in high school

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Jacob Oct 23, 2015 867 views

when in the navy do you get scholarships for working and also do you get better jobs for working in the navy (when you come out of the navy)

Hi I'm Jacob and I want to make backup plans if the navy does not work out, and I want to know if you can get better jobs and scholarships if you have served in the navy and came out. #navy

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Jacob Oct 22, 2015 964 views

What do you need to join the us navy?

Hi my name is Jacob and I'm a 6th grader and I want to follow in my uncles footsteps and be in the us navy but what do you need to join? Do u need a clean record? Or does it not matter #navy