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Pasadena, California
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Zane Apr 12, 2018 507 views

What's a good part time job as a 16 year old?

I am a 16 year old boy who plays baseball on a regular basis and likes to hang out with my friends on my free time, but my mother wants me to get a job. What are some good part time job ideas for me that'll have a lenient schedule. #gottagetajob #imbroke #anything-fun #moneymaking #no-technology

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Aylin Oct 30, 2019 402 views

What companies train or the best company you will recomend me?

I will like to work in a place that they treat you with respect. #business

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edward Dec 19, 2018 533 views

3.What tipe of dagree did you need or what did you need to pursure your job

#engineer #job #alevatortechnician

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Nina Apr 30, 2019 228 views

How many years did it take for you to be satisfied with position you are now in?

How many years of school? What major? How did you find your career?