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Is it wise to try and balance school/a career and a fairly intensive hobby at the same time?

I'm passionate about art! However, I don't want to try and make it into a career. I won't go into the reasons behind that right now, but I do want to keep creating on the side and continually improving, something that's really only possible if I dedicate a lot of time and effort to it, in addition to just occasionally making stuff whenever I feel like. But that time and effort could be spent studying and doing other activities I need to do...

If anyone has also struggled with something similar, help a girl out!!! Or just give your thoughts.
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6 answers

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Charlene’s Answer

I think it is great that you recognize your passion for Art which entails using your creative talents. I chose to become a Instructional Designer. I design training using different modalities such as elearning courses; Captivate, and Articulate Storyline. There several software programs that contribute to develop which enables me to utilize my creativity talents, Adult Learning theories and Different learner styles.

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Johannes’s Answer

Absolutely! I think it's really easy for people to get caught up in work and school and forget to make time for their own interests. I believe taking time for a hobby is good for your mental health. It helps your to relax and recharge so you can keep up with the demands of a career and education. I personally love singing, so even though I work full time and am enrolled in an MBA program, I also take several hours each week to practice music and become a better singer. Just keep in mind that time is a finite resource. If your passion starts to make your performance at work or school to decline, you may need to re-prioritize.

Best of luck!

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Ashish’s Answer


Firstly, many congrats to you that you recognise your passion.

According to me if you are ensure that art is your passion so put all your dedication into that otherwise you and this world will lose a big talent.

Love will not let a person to dedicate into any other thing and this is a fact. If art is your love then go ahead and don't worry about other things.

But if it is your hobby then give 1 or 2 hr in a day with your schools and other activities.

Thank you.

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Sven-Oliver’s Answer

As this is not a U.S. specific question, I feel entitled to reply too.

I think you know, you can't go back in time and if you could, the next question would be, how far would you go back in order to start over? Always assuming, you could take all your knowledge and experience with you.

If you don't want to feel sorrow to have chosen the wrong path in the future, then you should consider two things.

1. I see so many people, being almost 40 years old, being unhappy with their profession and recognizing, they did what their parents expected them to do.

2. When choosing my own 'calling' it was helpful to imagine I'm a billionaire who already visited all the interesting places in the world. After having a long sleep and being served breakfast by my butler on my motor yacht, what would I do with the rest of the day? One of my answers was 'Make computers talk to each other.'

Now I'm 50 years old and I still like doing what I do. I'd do it, even if I wouldn't get payed! But: I' like doing what I do. As I like what I do, I'm doing it good. As I'm doing it good, I get paid. Lo and behold! Two problems solved. :-) First, make sure I like what I do, second make a living.

Greetings from Germany.

Sven-Oliver recommends the following next steps:

Imagine you are a billionaire already.

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Marilyn’s Answer

Sometimes you have to evaluate your time available and make priority choices. I always loved art, but I had to prioritize my school at one time, my career and family at another time, and upon retirement, I was able to pursue art full time. I always, however, found time to do a bit of art and stay creative..whether it was in an elective in school, decorating in my home, and in my career incorporating some creativity in my presentations and written work. I think it all depends upon what needs your focus at the time. Concentrate on that, and use any spare time to enjoy your hobby. Something you love will never go away, but there are times in your life that other things must take precedence if you want a full life. Best of luck!

Marilyn Lowry

College Guidance Consultants

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Gary’s Answer

Balancing school and a career can be very demanding. One thing you have figured out (a lot of people I know never really find out what they have a true passion for) is that you love Art. While you may need to primarily focus on school and work, I believe you would benefit from getting in at least some time with your passion. What you will find is that spending time with a hobby you love, it keeps your motivation and passion alive - it can be really rejuvenating and a good break from things you have to do, vs. what you want to do. Start small by scheduling a couple of hours per month and see how it goes. You can always adjust the amount of time you set aside.  Personally, I enjoy running and have to find time to balance that between running a store and my family. I've found that even getting up early for a run - before the kids are awake and I have to go to work - increases my energy, allows me time to think and sets me up for success with those other responsibilities.

Gary recommends the following next steps:

Schedule some time monthly to engage in art.
Constantly evaluate if the benefits are worth the time. Again don't feel tied to a specific amount of time. Adjust according.