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What is the best Communications major to get involved in the making of commercials?

I have been accepted to college for the fall and I am now deciding on my major. I thought it would be Video Production but I don't always want to be behind the camera. What types of communication majors would help me be both a production expert but also a business position -- working on advertisements. #advertising #communications #strategic-communications #video-production #college

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2 answers

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Charles’s Answer

The production skills can be learned, and keep in mind the technology is always evolving. What's truly changing is the way we engage consumers. Through social media, online, and traditional forms of marketing like television.

So to be on the creative end, don't learn just how to operate software, but learn how to use that software in storytelling. Engaging people on some sort of emotional level. So what I'm getting at is learn the craft of editing. Next major in marketing. Especially contemporary forms like social media and web. Thats where the future is. If you follow and read books by Gary Vaynerchuk, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. In the commercial world, you will have a small business owner who spending a small fortune (in their eyes) to get results in their business. You will have to figure out what their business is, who there customers are, and how to effectively reach them to call the number on the screen, click the banner, or walk to their door. It takes more than an editor/videographer to do that... even though those will be the primary tools you will use to market their business.

So I would say get a marketing degree with double major or minor in production.

if you want to do specialized high end production, and just want to produce things. Well get into a school or film program that teaches those skills and start networking yourself to agencies and post production companies.

Keep in mind, there will be a day when you will just be too old to carting around gear. So think of giving yourself the skills to be the Art Director, Dir. of Photography, or agency principal later on in your career.

Charles recommends the following next steps:

Consider a marketing or business major with secondary in production skills.
In college persue every opportunity to work at an agency or TV station. Treat it like a paid job. Work hard to impress.
Start teaching yourself how to shoot and edit video. Learn how to story tell in a creative way. Its ok, if you suck at first. We all did.
Find mentors in business and see how they market themselves. Start learning how business people work and think
Start studying social media marketing. As well as online marketing. What's effective? Get books and listen to videos by Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Charles’s Answer

May last point is to understand what the small businessman to the corporate CEO go through. Commercial production is beyond pretty pictures. Understand how they think. You will find how much they sacrifice.