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What was it like adjusting to a larger classroom?

I'm used to relatively small and quiet classes. I want to know what the transition is like and how you adapted to it. Was it harder to learn in large auditoriums and was it difficult to hear and understand the professor? #college-advice #classroom #learning

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2 answers

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Isabel’s Answer

Hi Emily! I am a recent graduate of a Big 10 University and large classes can be a real challenge! I would recommend trying to take some of the large lecture classes in your sophomore and junior year. I found it helpful with the college transition to take the smaller size classes in my freshman year. That being said, college scheduling can be really challenging and you might be like me and end up in a Calculus class with 300+ people your first semester of college. If you are feeling overwhelmed or nervous about a large class size definitely meet with the professor. He/she can help connect you with TAs and other students in the lecture! There is no doubt that large classes can be tough but try to connect with others and the class will feel much more comfortable.

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Matt’s Answer

The audio in large classes is usually OK. The problem can be that they are not very interactive--it can be like everyone is watching a movie where the movie is the professor.

Large classes often tend to be quiet (except for people moving around at the start and end) because people tend to want to blend in with the crowd.

As Isabel suggests, you want to connect with your TA. If you large class breaks into sections, it's really your section that is similar to the classes you are familiar with--smaller, more interactive, more personal.