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Human Resources Coordinator at Oak Street Health
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Kenyanna T. Sep 01, 2017 389 views
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Devetra C. Mar 09, 2018 206 views

How can you stand out from the rest of other job applications when looking for a job in marketing?

Unemployment rate is low what can I do now that can set me apart for when I do apply for jobs when I'm done with school?...


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Emily N. Mar 27, 2018 269 views

What was it like adjusting to a larger classroom?

I'm used to relatively small and quiet classes. I want to know what the transition is like and how you adapted to it. Was it harder to learn in large auditoriums and was it difficult to hear and understand the professor? #college-advice #classroom...


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Brylane H. Apr 18, 2018 170 views

Getting married in college: yes or no?

I think it would be super cool and nice to have a supportive, permanent study partner, but I'd like to hear from someone actually doing it. #marriage #college...


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Adyan J. Apr 19, 2018 168 views

Does it take more than 4 years of college to get the job you want?

I heard that 4 years of college is not enough for every job to be performed so if this is true, how many more years need for its requirement? #college...