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What collage would help me give me a better understanding for music production or music recording?

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2 answers

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Charlie’s Answer


There are many factors to consider to find a program that's right for you. Here are some questions you should ask yourself, and then narrow it down for the Career Village community. Do you want a certificate program, a two or four year university education, or master's level education? What are some positions you hope to pursue with that education? Are you a musician now? What area are you located in geographically? Are you willing to go to a school that's away from home?

If you can edit your question or post it again I'm sure industry professionals, myself included, will help get you the information you're seeking. In any case, best of luck.



Charlie recommends the following next steps:

Pose question again or edit it with further details.
Think about what you enjoy doing and how to apply that to a career. That will help you decide how to get there.

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Sarah’s Answer

I encourage you to explore the Berklee College of Music. It is an accredited music production school with many programs of study available for students of any music form. Considering your are an in-state student, you would not have to pay for out of state tuition. The school also offers online music courses as well. I encourage you to explore their website and summer programs to find what best fits your interests.