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Looking for a job that will pay a 16 year old 4 figures need to support myself?

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

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Michael’s Answer

Here's some jobs that I've had around that age that paid well, and some tips for getting them:

-Paper route: Go to your local newspaper and ask if they need paper carriers.

-Caddy- go to local golf course, and ask if they have caddys. Normally only nicer ones do.

-Farmhand- go to local farms and ask if they need help doing manual labor. I worked on a tobacco farm growing up.

-Cook/dishwasher- go to local restaurants and ask if they need help.

Aleksandra’s Answer

Updated Greensboro, North Carolina

Hi Justyn, how is it going so far? I was also thinking about the e-working opportunities. There are lots of websites (upwork.com for one, and you can just google ework or remote jobs or similar) that specialise on remote jobs and allow the flexibility to combine work and studies. It depends what you're good at or how quickly you can become familiar with a new subject / new job, but some of the examples would be instagram administrator, website developer, graphic designer, remote assistant / secretary etc. Good luck!

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