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What would be the best college to attend for a bachelor's degree?

I'm wanting to know where because I want to become a forensic scientist. I'm not quite sure which school offers a forensics course and I want to hear some expert or experienced advice.

Im on the east coast. Look into George Washington University,University of New Haven, Pace University, Saint Peter’s University, Monmouth University, Kean University, Northeastern University etc Jalessa Wreh

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2 answers

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Shraddha’s Answer


I would suggest you to pursue Bachelor's degree in a Life Science branch and then go ahead with Masters in Forensic Science. It is always better to know Life Sciences before getting into Forensics Science, plus it also helps in securing jobs as you have a wider knowledge range than just Forensic Science. You also will have the option to choose which field of Forensic Science you want to get in to.

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Ryan’s Answer

Hello, sorry if this is too late, but the FEPAC list of accredited forensic programs is here: http://fepac-edu.org/accredited-universities

These are schools that offer a degree in forensics specifically and not criminal justice. I went to West Virginia university and it was pretty good, but whatever’s closest to you. Florida international university has an underwater crime scene program that I heard was pretty cool. A forensic science degree prepares you to be a civilian crime scene investigator, while a criminal justice degree is more for police officers, although some places will hire you as a CSI with any related degree and train you.