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Kristen Apr 09, 2018 644 views

How often do they hire new forensic scientist?

I want to know how many they hire to know if I actually might have a chance to be hired in the future.

#forensic #forensics #police #law-enforcement #science #csi #forensic-science

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Kristen Apr 06, 2018 640 views

How much experience do you have to have to be a forensic scientist?

I need to know so I'll be prepared for this job when I'm older. I love the idea of solving the crimes, gathering DNA, and finding criminals whom committed the crime.

#crime-scene-investigator #forensics

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Kristen Apr 06, 2018 593 views

What would be the best college to attend for a bachelor's degree?

I'm wanting to know where because I want to become a forensic scientist. I'm not quite sure which school offers a forensics course and I want to hear some expert or experienced advice.