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Thorsby, Alabama

Within 40 mile radius
Zadia’s Avatar
Zadia May 12 247 views

How do you decide on one major?

I'm struggling to choose a major

Peace’s Avatar
Peace Apr 14 338 views

How can I get my career right

I'm peace in 7th grade in school, help me with the question above so I will be able to know what next in my field of career. Thank you so very much

MarLonna’s Avatar
MarLonna Nov 09, 2023 2559 views

How do you succeed in life without proper education and diplomas?

What if I don’t want to do thirteen years of school just to do many more years of college?

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Oct 06, 2023 202 views

What is the best way to start looking for your future job and how are you going get there ?

I have been wanting to be a hairdresser for so long and I don't know how to start my dream and if I even no to stare now.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 27, 2023 329 views

How do I Prepare for a Career in the Medical Field?

My area does not have a whole lot of additional opportunities to learn about the medical field and prepare for a career in it(other than high school biology/anatomy classes). I was wondering what things i should do to prepare for college and a career in this field.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Aug 21, 2023 445 views

What is a great school in alabama to become a teacher?

-also want to to play softball at the school I choose

Holland’s Avatar
Holland Jun 10, 2023 243 views

How likely would a graduate Ivy college accept a student from a small undergraduate school?

I want to stay instate to save money but the colleges are not as highly valued as the larger colleges out of state that I would like to get my degree from.

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Jun 09, 2023 401 views

How do you get jobs in special effects make-up specifically in haunted houses?

I do SFX make-up and aspire to be a SFX artist in the haunted house field and would like to know how to get into the field easier.

MaKaylah’s Avatar
MaKaylah Jul 15, 2021 650 views

What is it like being a camera operator?

Hello! I am very interested in pursuing a career as a camera operator! I have some experience working with robotic cameras at church as a volunteer, and believe this is something I would enjoy doing as an actual job. What are some things I should know if I want to pursue this industry?...

MaKaylah’s Avatar
MaKaylah Jul 14, 2021 1075 views

What does a Medical Record's Specialist do on a day-to-day basis?

I am a 24-year-old student of Montgomery Job Corps Center in Alabama, looking into becoming a Medical Records Specialist. #healthcare #medical-administrative-assistant #medical-records #administration #medical

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 21, 2020 997 views

How do i become a SPED teacher

I want to become a SPED teacher but cannot decide how. #teaching #teaching #teaching #teaching

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Mar 05, 2019 707 views

What type of tech. jobs can I get with a business degree?

I am majoring in business but also enjoy working with technology/computers. What are some jobs/careers I would be qualified for with a business degree? #tech #business

Shaleah’s Avatar
Shaleah Jan 17, 2019 1314 views

how old u have to be to get in medical school


Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Dec 11, 2018 541 views

Does anyone know of some easy, but more obscure scholarships that I can apply for?

I am a college sophomore, not involved in greek life, and my parents are not employed by any major organizations. #college #scholarship #financial-aid #money

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Dec 11, 2018 932 views

What are some great programs to watch in Spanish to help improve my fluency?

I would like to know of some great shows (preferably on Netflix) that I could watch to improve my comprehension of Spanish and my fluency.

#college, #Spanish, #learning

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