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What are some strategies I can use to use my time wisely, to balance school and a social life?

Asked Chicago, Illinois

I want to have fun in college but I don't want to have too much fun and loose track of getting my work done.#learning #sociallife

2 answers

Eula’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Dear Kailynn,

Glad I can help.

In one short word: DISCIPLINE. self regulation.

That is: to do the things that must be done first, before we do the things we like to do or want to do.

Have a schedule from Monday to Friday,

and form a regular routine from the time you wake up, breakfast, get dressed, eat and head out the door.

Be sure to always sleep well the night before, and be on time everywhere you go, even 1 anything else but your stomach.

If you do these things, you are able to pay attention in class and absorb the information you need to learn.

Your 'work schedule' should be something like 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM (or some other time)

Stick with it no matter what. Take a break every 2 or 2 1/2 hours to refresh your mind

After 'work' (school) take a break, nap, snack for 50 minutes or so.

Then go to the study and homework part. This should be 2 or 3 hours.

It's not how much you cramp into your head, it's how often you repeat the information to retain it for long term memory and build on that.

FRIDAY< SATURDAY < SUNDAY - now it's time to reward yourself and have some fun.

But not 30 hours of partying, everything in good and healthy measure.

Go out, dance, blow some steam, enjoy friends and socializing,

but be responsible and committed to your 'work'

FRIDAY: finish all pending work first before fun.

SATURDAY: do whatever you want, wake up late, and be flexible, enjoy yourself.

SUNDAY: wine down, prepare for the coming week - Go to be early ( do not play with this one)

The rewards of earning a good grade goes many miles, it makes you feel good and gets you recognition and praise for your hard work. Not having discipline, just leads to insecurity, makes you feel bad, demotivates you and makes you feel anxious.

let me know if this helps OK?

Myr’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee

Kailynn, this is a great question. Time management is a key focus for both students and professionals alike. I think the most important part of balancing your time is to get a good game plan of what you want to accomplish. When I was in college, I had a part time job which forced me to prioritize my commitments and allowed me to spend adequate time both studying and enjoying time with my friends. I would recommend planning out your day so you know when you plan to study and when you plan to go out. Think about number of hours required for studies outside of class time to allow you to get a better feel of when you'll be able to finish your work for the day and go out for some fun!