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Career Questions tagged Sociallife

Cezanne B.’s Avatar
Cezanne B. Apr 26, 2018 731 views

Is it worth sacrificing most of your social life during college to graduate top of your class?

I am struggling balancing my social life and my academics. As of now my time as a student has been mostly spent studying and working to pay bills. Is it worth sacrificing my social life during college to achieve high grades? #sociallife #fun #studying #hard-work...


Kailynn S.’s Avatar
Kailynn S. Apr 18, 2018 448 views

What are some strategies I can use to use my time wisely, to balance school and a social life?

I want to have fun in college but I don't want to have too much fun and loose track of getting my work done.#learning...


Madison K.’s Avatar
Madison K. Jan 24, 2018 330 views

How can I have a fun, busy social life while still maintaining good grades?

I plan on going to college, and I want to get good grades, and graduate. However, I also want to have a social life and I want to be able to go out and have fun! How can I balance those two things? #sociallife #college #work-life-balance...