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Can you work anywhere in the world if your a neurosurgeon ?

Im a sophomore in High school that really wants to be a neurosurgeon. But i want to live in Africa one day. #doctor #neurosurgeon

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3 answers

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Akshat’s Answer

Yeah, they're needed everywhere around the world. But the pay is less in developing countries. When you have loans and a family to care, things become more difficult.

Is there scholarships for this career? I am a freshman and also interested in neurosurgery. Breanna H.

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NurseSandy’s Answer


There is definitely a demand for more doctors in Africa, and if that's where you want to be, you can approach hospitals and international aid organizations to find opportunities after you finish medical school. You can look into doing internships with programs like http://www.msf.org/ if you want to be in Africa, but I'm not sure how much neurosurgeon-specific experience you'll get there. Definitely consider where you want to live, as the medical system is different in each country, so you will have a very different experience in South Africa relative to Egypt or relative to Kenya.


I like this answer better. Akshat Pradhan

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Estelle’s Answer

Once you become a neurosurgeon, you need to be licensed in the country that you want to practice. Some countries make you repeat residency programs in their country before licensing. Often, however, if you have a US license, other countries will just make you take a licensing exam. By that time, though, you will be well prepared.

If you want to just visit the country and practice temporarily, then you can join an organization such as Doctors Without Borders and practice under your US license.
Good luck!