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What Colleges are the most beneficial in the area of Neuro-Surgery?

Hi! I'm a 7th grader from Pikeville High School in Pikeville, KY.. I am presently participating in a S.T.E.M. Camp through the Verizon Innovations in Learning. We are discussing Career Choices. I would love to be a neurosurgeon, but I am not too sure about colleges for neurosurgery. surgery surgeon neurosurgeon doctor

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2 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

The good news is you can go to any college of your choice. The thing to consider is how much support a school offers for their for pre-medical students in terms of advising and what is that college’s track record of putting students successfully into medical school. Finding a good fit where you can be happy and successful is the most important thing. After that hard work and becoming a well rounded applicant will set you up for success applying to medical school.

As for medical school, most students entering Neurosurgery residency out of medical school come from MD programs but not all. In 2018, there were 310 applicants for 225 Neurosurgery residency training positions: 203 (90%) of those positions went to students finishing there MD, the rest went to foreign trained doctors or students finishing their DO. That said, any accredited medical school can be a pathway to Neurosurgery. Some have more off a track record than others so the best advice their is that it is beneficial to be at a medical school that has a residency program in the fields that interest you so you can gain more exposure to them. Many but not all medical schools have Neurosurgery programs.

The bottom line is to find a college that is a good fit for you personally and, if possible, has a good track record of students going into medical school or even its own medical school.

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Will’s Answer

Christopher's answer was very thorough, but to put it simply, the college you attend has virtually no bearing on your ability to become a neurosurgeon. In college, you just need to get excellent grades and a good MCAT in order to get into a US MD school. Not all US MD schools are totally the same, but if you at really excel at any one of them, chances are you will be able to obtain a neurosurgery residency assuming you have good letters of rec and research too. The only way certain colleges might give you a leg up are by helping you get into a more prestigious med school (slightly easier to match competitive residencies like neurosurgury) or by having really strong neuroscience programs that might give you a research edge over your competition.