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Fourth year medical student
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Brenda  B.’s Avatar
Brenda B. Oct 22, 2016 485 views

What can I do in high school to help prepare myself for earning a degree in medicine?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I've always loved studying biology and anything that had to do with science. I joined clubs at school like Young Leaders in Healthcare and Rady's Children Hospital Club. I'm planning on taking AP Bio, AP Chem, and AP physics, but I want to do more. Are there...

volunteering internships medicine science biology

Hibba M.’s Avatar
Hibba M. Aug 18, 2018 373 views

What Colleges are the most beneficial in the area of Neuro-Surgery?

Hi! I'm a 7th grader from Pikeville High School in Pikeville, KY.. I am presently participating in a S.T.E.M. Camp through the Verizon Innovations in Learning. We are discussing Career Choices. I would love to be a neurosurgeon, but I am not too sure about colleges for neurosurgery....

surgeon surgery neurosurgeon doctor

Mariya T.’s Avatar
Mariya T. Aug 21, 2018 485 views

What are some methods to reduce the cost of medical school/pay off debt effectively?

Even though medical school is several years away for me, I would like to be prepared in advance. I've seen that med school is quite the hassle in terms of finances and debt, but that the result is worth it, including the income from a residency after med school. Are there any other ways to...

psychiatry debt graduate-school medical-school medicine financial-services school psychology premed

Arial D.’s Avatar
Arial D. Aug 23, 2018 351 views

How early should you study for the MCAT?

School hasn't started for me yet so I'm currently an upcoming senior and I know I want to go to medical school, does it make sense to start studying this early? I've been studying some of the topics that the MCAT covers so should I even attempt to study from actual resources like practice...

surgeon mcat medicine doctor medicalschool

Tobiloba C.’s Avatar
Tobiloba C. Jul 12, 2019 586 views

Can I take both MCAT and NCLEX?

As a nursing student can I take both NCLEX and MCAT?. Or can I take NCLEX and change in the future to be a medical doctor and take the MCAT exams?. Please explain in details nursing...


Iqra T.’s Avatar
Iqra T. Apr 18, 2020 1996 views

Is there anything you regret not doing in high school/college?

Why didn't you do it and is it something you would recommend others do? college-advice college highschool highschool-advice...


Aradhana K.’s Avatar
Aradhana K. Jul 17, 2020 179 views

Med School App Recommendations?

I am currently in an undergraduate degree program, and want to know if anyone has any ideas on what I can do to help boost my med school app when I apply to med school. college undergraduate school medical-school pre-med medicine...


Dev A.’s Avatar
Dev A. Jul 17, 2020 143 views

How difficult would it be to attain 2 masters degree at the same time such as MD and MBA and get a job that correlates to both?

I plan on going to med school and receiving an MD as well as an MBA along the way as I will be graduating as an undergrad with a major in biology and minor in business....


Vanisha R.’s Avatar
Vanisha R. Jul 22, 2020 156 views

How much do surgeons make a year?

I'm a junior in high school. I live in New York and I want to become a cardiologist surgeon . surgeon...


Sophia A.’s Avatar
Sophia A. Jul 22, 2020 237 views

Is a B.A/M.D combined program worth it, or is the traditional 4 year pre med then med school route better?

I am a honors/straight A student, and I do well in high stress environments and do well in science classes. Also I want to do surgery for reference, so I’m thinking a ba/md program would help save time. pre-med college...


N D.’s Avatar
N D. Jul 26, 2020 245 views

How can one get into medical school as a single mom of 3 very young kids?

It’s a conviction of mine to become a physician but life changed the route before I could complete that journey. I have completed all but one prerequisite. I have worked in the field but not as a licensed professional. Currently I’m functioning as a single mother with three children under 7...

future-physician doctor medical-school career single-parenting