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Are you going to college because you want to or because society told you to?

College is something that isn't for everyone, but society doesn't tell us that. They want us to think that college is for everyone regardless of what they want to do as a career. Many students have no drive or passion for what they are learning because they don't know what they want to do in life, but they are reading the textbook and taking the test because that is "the normal thing to do after high school." #whatisthenorm #college #career #careers #high-school

A lot of us go to college still not knowing what we want to do for a career but that is the point of college as well. You can finish your GEs during the first two years and hopefully have taken some classes here and there that have sparked some kind of interest for you. Even if you don't end up enjoying any of these classes, try to take on some extra curriculars to meet new people because you never know who you may meet and what they might motivate you to do. Many of my friends have gotten their jobs through networking and just putting themselves out there in the work field. College is a place where everyone is trying to figure out their passion and really excel in it :) Anntaylor N.

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Casey’s Answer

Hi Andrea! This is a great question and each person you speak with may give you a different answer. Personally I believe that the answer to this question depends on what are your goals in life and what kind of career do you want to pursue. For me I knew that I wanted to be an accountant and work in New York City, and in order to get to there, I need to get a college education. But not all career paths require that education. My brother was one person who did not attend college and instead works as an electrician where he is an apprentice learning the trade. I have other friends who took off from school and traveled the world. I also am a believer that you learn so much more outside the classroom than inside, but the underlying education you receive will help you along the way. Whether that is a highschool diploma or a college degree, you are going to need some form of education as a prerequisite.

In sum, pursue what makes you happy and and fulfilled. Education can be a stepping stone in helping you achieve your goals but a college education is not necessary for every career.

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