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I'm aiming to attend a college out-of-state in California, what are the best ways to make money, to pay for those kinds of expenses

I live in Texas, and moving to Cali is a big step, but i've always wanted to attend college in a place i loved. My dream schools are USC or California State University- Los Angeles, and tuition is very pricey in California. #california #dreamschool #dreambig

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1 answer

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Daniel’s Answer

I don't mean to be a downer here, but I do not think you can realistically expect to pay for out of state tuition + room/board + books + other living expenses, while also attending Uni. UCLA for instance costs >$60k/year out of state. Making that kind of money with zero experience and no college degree is very difficult. (If you can make that kind of money without the college degree, you kind of, you know, don't actually need the college degree! 60k after tax income is like a $80k/year salary or something, which is better than almost every single degree program is going to net you)

At that point your only options are either having rich family, scholarships, and/or loans. You may be able to find some employment to offset some of the cost, but I'd expect the majority is going to have to come from scholarship/loan.

Another option is the military actually - you can read in to this more online, but there's various programs that help pay for college if you join the military. I had a roommate who went to nursing school, and then she decided to enlist to help with debt. Lost touch so I dunno how it worked out for her, but I think it paid off a decent part of her debt.

Whether or not you want to take on $200k of student loan debt is up to you. Depending on what you major in, it might be ok, or it might saddle you with debt that you can never pay off.

In that vein actually - depending on what you major in, say for example chemical or civil engineering, UT Austin is actually a way better school than UCLA or USC. (And for civil, A&M is par or better than UCLA). UT, A&M are both better than my alma matter in my degree areas.

Daniel recommends the following next steps:

Figure out how to acquire very good scholarships
Decide what you want to get a degree in
Figure out how much debt you're comfortable with, and be realistic about it