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Career Questions tagged Dreamschool

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Apr 27, 2018 524 views

I'm aiming to attend a college out-of-state in California, what are the best ways to make money, to pay for those kinds of expenses

I live in Texas, and moving to Cali is a big step, but i've always wanted to attend college in a place i loved. My dream schools are USC or California State University- Los Angeles, and tuition is very pricey in California. #california #dreamschool #dreambig

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Mar 12, 2018 625 views

Should I say yes to my dream school?

So my dream school is the University of South Florida. However, I have not received any money from them. I'm not getting any money from FAFSA, and I haven't won any scholarships yet. But I still want to go their with everything in me. Should I just hope I win a lot of scholarships and just say...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 05, 2018 343 views

Is it better to spend a lot of money on your dream school?

This is a question that does not necessarily have a concrete answer, but it is one I constantly ponder nonetheless. My father did not go to an expensive school and regrets it, I believe, because he wonders if his college experience may have been better at a more elite school. As I try to make...