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I'm planning on studying Linguistics, and would love to learn new languages while I do so. Is there any language certifications I can get at a State level to put on my CV without having to take a class?

I'd like to learn languages without having to take a class because I can work at my own pace and study what I want in a language at any point in time. However, I feel that having a certification or award would look better on a resume than just self reporting. If you could give me ideas about what I could do, it'd be a big help.

FYI: The college I'll be attending only has Linguistics as a major, with all subsections currently informal.
Thank you!

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Hi Connor, Thank you for your question. As to your concern, you can research second language classes that can compliment your credentials. For example, you can look up the language you want to learn and see if there is any classes that are being offered for that language. Most classes do award their students with a certification stating that they completed the courses. I hope this helps you figure out your question. Linda Ivelise Mirabal

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2 answers

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Masato’s Answer

I believe each country has their own language tests which you can use officially. I am not sure you are interested in Japanese. Japan has the official Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): https://www.jlpt.jp/e/index.html

The organization regularly run the test even outside of Japan. I believe some major languages have the same system and test.

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David (Kyung Jun)’s Answer

I would like to suggest to maybe travel to the destination/city/country that language you want to learn. and maybe l believe there is some language schools there. If you are willing to proceed with any official certification you could seek for in local.