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Linda Ivelise Mirabal

Full time Secretary at Passaic Charter Schools
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Stella Aug 02, 2018 769 views

As an almost graduating college student, what are the key things I should put on my resume inorder to stand out for a job?

#college #jobs #students #student-development #student #resume #college-student#interview

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Tariyaha Aug 31, 2017 1681 views

How do you manage your classroom and students?

I am asking this because I love to create a classroom where students feel welcomed into my classroom.I will also set some rules in my classroom because I love to have fun but I also want to learn.#education-management #educational-leadership

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Vera Oct 19, 2016 3551 views

What kind of internship is best for psychology majors?

If I want experience in the field, but am a busy college student, which kind of internship would you recommend? The more specific, the better! Should I work side-by-side with a psychologist, and how would I go about doing that? #college #career #psychology #college-major #university...

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Jackie Jan 12, 2017 895 views

How to ask a professor or past-employer for a letter of recommendation?

Is it appropriate to ask a professor who doesn't know you very personally, but you did well in their class? #college #career #internships #resume #recommendation #web-applications #job-application #personal-development

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D'asia Oct 19, 2016 1511 views

In your opinion, what are some good jobs in the communication field?

I am asking this question because I am going to college for Communication studies in general as well as for oragnizational. #communications #communication #communication-skills

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 10, 2016 3795 views

Should I include my volunteer experience on my resume?

I do not know if it really matters what volunteer experience I had before is what I should put on my resume. I feel like past experiences where I worked before is more important. When I do construct my resume, should I just leave that out of it? In your opinion, what more or less should be on a...

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steve Oct 09, 2016 1332 views

What types of opportunities do I have as a communications major?

i'm interested in majoring in communications and so far it seems fun to do so. i just wan to know just how many opportunities i might have with a mayor like this. #communications #communication #college-major

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Albert Jan 16, 2017 1293 views

What is a cover letter, and how do you write an effective one?

I am currently applying for internships online, and along with my resume, they often ask me to include a cover letter. I am not sure how to write one, or what it should be about. What do I include in the cover letter? Is there a general format to follow? #college #computer-software #internships...

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Sabine May 23, 2016 1066 views

Should I have a LinkedIn account to start the job search process?

Is this beneficial to the 20 and under age range? What types of experiences should I add? Any other tips? #resume #linkedin #linkedin-recruiter

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Sneha Jun 24, 2016 1035 views

One of my friend told me that we can earn giod money by blogging. First of all I want to know what Blogging is and then hiw can we mame money through blogging.

I want to know what blogging is. #marketing #online #blogging #ecommerce