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As an almost graduating college student, what are the key things I should put on my resume inorder to stand out for a job?

Asked Williston Park, New York

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Paul’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

It is important to know that you will need to create more than one resume when applying to jobs because you must include key words from the job posting in your resume. Firms use computers to scan resumes for key words and phrases in order to sort through the hundreds of resumes they receive for one posting. If a resume doesn't include this information, the computer will automatically discard it. Therefore, you have to tailor your resume not only to the type of job you want but also the specific employer.

The words or phrases to include in your resume are easy to find. Just look at the job posting and review the skills or traits the employer is looking for. Look at the job requirements to see what type of experience the employer is seeking and make sure that experience is on your resume. For example, if they are looking for leadership skills, make sure you mention any leadership roles you had in  clubs or organizations you were a member of. If the posting includes industry jargon and terminology include those words as well.

Good luck.

Linda Ivelise’s Answer

Hi Stella! This is a really good question! So, when writing your resume for your last year in college, it is recommended that you include your academic achievements, your involvement on campus, and some professional experience (meaning a part-time job you've had throughout your college career). You also want to make sure that you include action verbs in your resume when writing your sentences. For example, words like: developed, managed, created, facilitated, etc. Words that display your leadership skills.

Katy’s Answer

Updated Minneapolis, Minnesota
Summary/Objective, Education, Work History then it depends on the type of job you are going for but typically any volunteer work and special awards.

Monica O.’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas


I would say your achievements and strengths! You want to make sure to add key words to ensure your experience reflects what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. I would also make sure to have a very professional resume and double check spelling and grammar! Do not wait until the last minute to create your resume.

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