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What types of opportunities do I have as a communications major?

Updated Redwood City, California

i'm interested in majoring in communications and so far it seems fun to do so. i just wan to know just how many opportunities i might have with a mayor like this. #communications #communication #college-major

7 answers

Terri’s Answer

Updated Richardson, Texas

Depending on what you want to do, it is a very exciting time in Telecommunications, especially in the world of Voice over IP. The world of communications is drastically changing and the day to day voice and products need to keep up. There are many things that still have to go over the older network as this network what can support things link calling name, portability (Taking your number with you), and other features. I would strengthen your skills in the Internet Communications market. There are many areas and positions in those fields.

thank you for your answer and i will take your advice.

Linda Ivelise’s Answer

I agree with Terri...It depends on what you choose as your concentration. For example, there's TV broadcasting, there's Telecommunications, Interpesonal communication, which is a broad major. You can do many things with this degree and branch into other careers. For example, I graduated from an Interpersonal Communication major. I am currently working at a school and will be going back to school for my Master's in Education. You can do many things with Communications, just make sure you know what is it that you really want to do with it.

Olivia’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

I graduated from college 3 years ago with a communications major. The types of work that I have been presented with greatly vary from forms of customer service to sales roles. It serves as a great basis for most careers.

Barbara’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

It's such a great choice! There are so many things you can do with a communications degree. Related roles span every industry: Govt, Hi tech, Pharma, Education, Sales, etc. And the roles can be things like: Speech writing, advertising, policy, marketing, internal communications, org design, change management, technical documentation, grant writing, broadcasting/journalism, etc.!

Even if you don't end up in role directly related to communications, strong communications skills are a must in nearly every field. You need it to successfully navigate business and relationships. You need it to collaborate well and effectively convey your work, results, and ideas.

Do you like to write? Organize information? Bring order to chaos? Are you attentive to detail? Are you creative? Interest & ability in these areas will help you a great deal.

Barbara recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about the the type of roles you're most interested and even the industries you're interested in. This will help you narrow the field.

Kristine’s Answer


I have a double major in my undergraduate degree, with Communication Theory being my first major and English being my second. I have found great value and benefit from my education. With my degrees I can communicate with great skill, both in written form, as well as spoken. In my career, I have negotiated, developed and documented processes, worked in process improvement, corporate training and finally managed employees. Communications provides an excellent foundation to launch into career success. Best wishes!

Kat’s Answer


A communications major can be applied in most industries, and being a good communicator is an incredibly important skill. Take advantage of all of the writing experience you can get from it.

Also, internship experience is extremely important. Try to intern in a field that interests you because this might help dictate what full-time opportunities are available for you.

Michelle’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

I graduated from NCSU with a BA in Comms and a concentration in Public Relations. I had several internships related to social media, media relations, public relations, etc. Though I am in IT now, and I do not work in PR, my degree has helped me highlight my soft skills (i.e. relationship building, interviewing skills, writing, etc.) There are several different routes you can go with a Comms degree, but several friends of mine have started out in a small agency and worked their way up into a position with more responsibility or moved to a large corporation.

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

  • think about what type of position you would be most interested in, whether it is social media, getting involved with the community, journalism, etc.