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Jacob Apr 17, 2019 2161 views

How can I speak properly when in an interview?

#career #interviews #job-search

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Brenda Apr 26, 2019 584 views

How can I get the help that I need in order to work for my goals to get the job/career that I want to do?

-How much school I need
-Info that I should know
-details in what will be included
#career #ideas #creativity

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Elizabeth Jan 26, 2018 1053 views

What kind of attire should I wear to an interview? A dress or formal shirt and pants?

Don't know what people in a interview would find more like-able as for style.
#interview #formal #pants #clothes

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 02, 2016 1398 views

What type of clothing is business casual?

I am planning on going to a few interviews for internships/jobs and I am required to wear 'business casual.' I have tried looking this up on Google, but there are multiple different options that make things too vague. Please list the types of clothing for both males and females, as this...

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Feb 09, 2017 2823 views

How do I get good at cold calling?

I am a student at San Jose State. I just recently started on the advertising staff of our newspaper the Spartan Daily. My job is to cold call local businesses and have them place ads in the paper. I am comfortable talking on the phone so that is not a problem. However, I would love to learn...

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steve Oct 09, 2016 1610 views

What types of opportunities do I have as a communications major?

i'm interested in majoring in communications and so far it seems fun to do so. i just wan to know just how many opportunities i might have with a mayor like this. #communications #communication #college-major