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What type of clothing is business casual?

I am planning on going to a few interviews for internships/jobs and I am required to wear 'business casual.' I have tried looking this up on Google, but there are multiple different options that make things too vague. Please list the types of clothing for both males and females, as this question will tailor to other people as well. #business #student #interviews #clothing #business-casual #interview-clothing

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7 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Hello Karen,

From my experience I have outlined the below ideal articles of clothing that should be worn.

- Button down shirt ( Solid or Patterned as in plaid)
-Khaki's(Colors should always compliment the top I would not recommend wearing a bright color)
-Loafers, Chukka boot, leather lace up

- Blouse or a tank with a light sweater ( button down top is also an option)
-Slacks ( not to form fitting a little loose so it snot specific body shape)
- ankle boot, Loafer, leader lace up, short heel or even a ballerina flat

I would always recommend to not wear denim, tennis shoes, hats or any additional accessories that may be distracting to your outfit. A big part of choosing what to wear would also be based off of they type of style the company you are applying for.
Once again these are just from my experiences of interviewees I have had in the past and some of what I have worn and successfully looked the part.

Hope this helps!

Hi Kim! Your help was greatly needed. Thanks! Karen P.

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Stuart’s Answer

If you've already seen a lot of suggestions about what constitutes "business casual," but you're confused because it seems to cover a wide range, here's my advice: Go with the LEAST casual option. If some of the things you're seeing suggest a tie, and the others don't, wear a tie.

Why? It's never a bad idea to be the best dressed person in the group. If an organization has a room full of interns and they're thinking about offering one or two of them a permanent position, they're going to pay attention to the most professional ones first. And part of what makes you seem professional is your choice of outfit.

Also, it's much easier to be overdressed and then dress down from there than it is to make your first impression as "too casual" and then convince an employer that you could dress up more if they wanted you to. First impressions are important.

The number 1 rule, though, is "know your audience." Look at how the permanent employees are dressed at various levels. Nobody is expecting you to turn up to your internship dressed the same way the corporate executives are dressed. But watching them will give you a good idea of the organizational culture. If you're trying to turn this internship into something more permanent, it's important that you show them how perfect a fit you are for them. And looking the part is a big step in the right direction.

So dress UP, knowing you can always dress down later.

I like the way you perceive things, Stuart. This was great advice that I think could help anybody in an emergency situation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Karen P.

You're very welcome, Karen. I'm a jeans and t-shirt guy myself, but this advice has served me well. Take care. Stuart Bowen

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Karen,

I got an incredible tutorial about What is Business Casual Clothes and How to use them in the job ambient.

(Although part of the link is in Portuguese, all explanation is in English.)

I hope you like it. Enjoi it.


Good luck!

Thanks so much Daniela! Karen P.

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Karina’s Answer

Hi Karen!

'Business Casual Attire' is aka 'Daily Work Attire' and is used for going to daily work or for going to academic engagements. What it means and includes is:
1) Pants, slacks, dresses (provided it's not above knee-length when standing), skirts
2) No jeans, shorts or sundresses
3) Jackets (blazers/cardigans)
4) Shoes (flats, boots, closed-toe shoes, any comfy shoes)
5) Mild jewellery & fragrance

Hope this helps!!!

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Olivia’s Answer

Business casual clothing is considered typically jeans, polos, blouses, and nice shoes. Women can wear dresses to be a little bit more dressed up and men can wear blazers to dress up their look as well.

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CARA’s Answer

It is easier to say what isn't business casual - not jeans including jean skirts, nothing ripped, no words or pictures on the clothes, no graphic tees, nothing real form fitting (unless you have a sweater or blouse over it for a tank top or a skirt over it for leggings for women), no flip flops, no gym shoes/sneakers, nothing too short (hold your arms down and it should be longer than your fingertips), no bare shoulders including cold shoulder shirts (minimum 4 fingers for the sleeve and have a jacket or sweater to wear over it), nothing sparkly, sequined, mesh or lacy, no formal wear, no suit (skirt/pants and jacket are the same material and color).

I typically wear a nice top, sweater, cardigan, blazer or blouse with dress pants (not leggings or jeans) or a skirt. I do use a lot of dresses since it is easy and will work in most situations. When wearing a skirt above my knees, I will wear tights or leggings if it is below 60 degrees. For shoes, I wear flats, loafers with a chunky heel, ankle boots, or a pump.

Guys have it easy - khakis, dress pants, polo, button down shirt, loafers or dress shoes.

I agree with the others - it is better to be the dressiest person than the worst dressed person.

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Fiona’s Answer

Girls – dresses (maybe not sun dresses), flats, boots, heels, slacks, blouses
Boys – khakis, long sleeve shirts
Do not wear sneakers, flip flops, tube tops, miniskirts. Jeans may or may be ok depending on the firm.