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How to ask a professor or past-employer for a letter of recommendation?

Is it appropriate to ask a professor who doesn't know you very personally, but you did well in their class? #college #career #internships #resume #recommendation #web-applications #job-application #personal-development

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4 answers

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matthew’s Answer

It is simple, just be polite in the mail you will be sending to them to request for their help..you don't want to start with 'hey' or 'hi' or 'hello'..you should start with Dear Sir, Dear Ma, Dear Professor...Greet the person by asking how is the person, business, and family. And then politely tell him you need his/her favour as a reference to apply for....and then let them know it won't take much of their time, you just short and brief letter from them.Thank them in advance also. and end by saying 'Sincerely' not 'regards or warm regards'

Thank you very much! Jackie G.

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Joel’s Answer

Hi Jackie,

One thing I would add to the previous comments is that you give the professor a little bit of background about yourself as well as the reason you need the letter (for work, to join a club, etc.). They will be doing this voluntarily, so the more help you can provide them, the better. Also, even if you think you don't know the professor very well, they should know who you are (unless it's taught by a TA, or if the class has 450 students), so I wouldn't be too worried. You might also consider going to his/her office hours and talking with them directly. As an instructor, this has really stood out when students do this for me.

Good luck!

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Linda Ivelise’s Answer

Hello Jackie,

Yes. It is very appropriate to ask your professor that does not know you well to write you a letter of recommendation. The professor would recommend your performance in class and how well you did. Make sure you keep in contact with your professors afterwards! :)

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Jessica’s Answer

In addition to the previous comment, I would highlight some of their qualifications. Let them know why you are asking them for this reference and what the position is. You can consider giving a template if you wanted, but do not have to. This could be a time saver and would be helpful to the person you are sending it to. Good luck with everything!