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What are the best ways to make my resume look good?

I am going to finish college in two years and I want to gain as much experience as possible before I finish my degree. #college #internships #resume #cvs #job-application

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

In addition to the above reply, I would say that volunteering, sports, projects (school project or outside studies) always look good on a CV. It shows skills such as being a team player, being able to help others, being integrated in a community.

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Julie’s Answer

Show that you have a diverse range of interests and experiences by joining student organizations that interest you, as well as having a meaningful job or internship experience over the summer when you are on break from school. Additionally, the literal formatting of the resume is very important as well, as recruiters have to sometimes look a hundreds each day. Make sure that your resume is organized, easy to read, and free to typos. Having friends and career counselors give opinions on your resume is a very good idea too.