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Mary Tyrrell

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Hamid Oct 18, 2016 951 views

How does one master an interview?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for because some of the schools I want to apply for like doing interviews? #interviews #job-application

Irene’s Avatar
Irene Oct 06, 2016 1067 views

What are the best ways to make my resume look good?

I am going to finish college in two years and I want to gain as much experience as possible before I finish my degree. #college #internships #resume #cvs #job-application

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jun 06, 2019 580 views

How do you like your job ?


max’s Avatar
max Sep 18, 2019 599 views

should i join the union? what are the benefits?

#teaching #educator #professional

Khin Yadanar’s Avatar
Khin Yadanar Jun 15, 2020 3381 views

What is the best advice for a beginner business woman.

I am an educational student. But I interested about business for my future. So, I want some best advice for me to success. #business #entrepreneur #business-management #management

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Jun 19, 2020 1155 views

Is it too late to figure out what I want to do if I’m 12

I play tennis,I love shopping and anything related to fashion
My dream job is to be a #professional spy or detective. #fashion #professional

jordan’s Avatar
jordan May 24, 2016 1075 views

I was told that in the business management field it's hard to make a career out of it unless you obtain your masters degree. My question to you all is 1. Is that true? and 2. Is business management a field that is hard to make into a career?

I've come to this site to get my questions answered by professionals to clarify all the things told to me by family members and other resources about getting a degree in this field. Although their advice is nice I just wanted to clarify this with professionals to see if I'd have to consider a...

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Mar 05, 2017 1593 views

How do I make my resume perfect?

Currently I am applying for scholarships and jobs and want to have the perfect resume #college #jobs #college-recruiting #job-application

Wanita’s Avatar
Wanita Apr 19, 2017 2185 views

In terms of building a resume, what are effective ways to keep it concise?

I heard about the "six second rule" but it's difficult to shorten my resume without feeling like I'm leaving out vital information. #job-search #resume #interviews #resume-writing #job-application

Abbas’s Avatar
Abbas Sep 23, 2016 81131 views

What are some common interview questions? and how to answer them the best way possible

Help for job interviews and college interviews

Hannah ’s Avatar
Hannah May 22, 2015 1121 views

How could I start perusing my acting career?

I am in 9th grade, and have been taking acting classes my whole life. How could I take that extra step to become an actress? #teacher #professional #actor