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Who gets a better pay PT or OT?

Asked Middletown, Rhode Island

2 answers

Corinne’s Answer

Updated Silver Spring, Maryland

Hi there , I am an OT and I suggest that you look at Advance , and select salary estimate . It will tell you salaries per state of each of the fields you are looking at . Salary really depends on where you practice , eg: private practice to a salaried position. Each area of the field has different salary structures and they vary bu years of experience , and location. PT goes to a doctoral program for all by 2020, OT 2027, so if you select either field you need to obtain that doctoral degree to make you competitive , and able to practice. With that comes cost of degree vs income after , etc. Where I work , OT's and PT's we make the same for same years of experience , and the salary is based on masters, masters plus 30 or Phd/Doctoral degree. Good luck , if it is your passion ...it will be good .

Bailey’s Answer

Updated Santa Cruz, California

Hello Elias! I am an OT in California. I am sure it is slightly different for every state, but here I am pretty sure PTs make slightly more than OTs. At this time PTs are required to get their doctorate degree, whereas you can become an OT with a Master's degree. That means you will be in school longer to become a PT, but yes you will then make slightly more because you will have a doctorate degree! Hint though: Very soon OT programs will also turn into doctorate programs (not sure if this is all states), and require more schooling as well. Hope that helped! Let me know if I can answer any more OT questions for you :).