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what does it take to be an anesthesiologist?

I am a sophomore who is interested in learning more about anesthesiologist. What steps do they have to take in order to become a anesthesiologist? Is it fun or hard? #doctor #healthcare #experience #anesthesiologist

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3 answers

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Akshat’s Answer

  • 4 years of college

  • 4 years of med school

  • 4-5 years of residency in anesthesiology

  • If you want to specialize even further, you can do a fellowship

Approximately 13 years of training after high school. It's one of the more competitive specialities. You should think about volunteering at a hospital and shadowing an Anesthesiologist. Contact your local hospital.

Thank you! DejaCodman2 .

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CareerVillage’s Answer


Hi Deja,

Know we're recommending a lot of videos for you, but here's a nice one that follows anesthesia resident Dr. Jesse Hill on a typical day as he works on the Obstetric anesthesia rotation at the Stanford University School of Medicine:



thank you! DejaCodman2 .

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Deja,

You need to obtain a bachelor's degree, obtain a degree from medical school, and then complete residency.