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Why is it so hard to find a job ?

I'm 16 year old and i'm getting pressured to find a job by my parents and my friends. My closest friend already has a job and that really made me agitated to get a job. I desperately need a job so it could help pay for my college tuition because I come from a low income family. The problem is how am I supposed to balance school with my job. Also literally the only jobs for teens are retail stores and fast food restaurants and I am not the social type. Any advice ?

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7 answers

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Michael’s Answer

I remember my first job!  Burger King while in highschool! 

Michael recommends the following next steps:

We call it work life balance in the workplace. Finding that right mix of working and spending time with the family. Sounds easy but has it's limitations.
If you find a position or job that you think would be a good fit, speak with some of the individuals who work there currently. Ask the how easy it is to schedule time off and how many hours they work per week. Also, make sure your parents agree that is beneficial to work.
Ask to speak with the hiring manager and explain your situation. When I first started working, I told the manager I could not work late and needed specific days off. They will work with you in most cases. If not, then look elsewhere. Someone will allow you to be flexible. Good Luck!

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Babita’s Answer

Firstly, it is wonderful that you are thinking of working to ease the financial pressure on your family. However, you have to keep in mind that juggling work and study together will be taxing.  You are right about the limited avenues for work available at your age however you have to understand that with zero experience, these are the only jobs you can go for at this time. Take it as a challenge, an experience. You will be in a customer-facing role and maybe learn your basics in customer care and service while on the job. Nothing beats hands-on experience and you will make memories as you go about your job.

Never be discouraged. You are young and as you move further in life, you will equip yourself ably. Trying times don't last, positive people do.  Be cheerful, smile often.  A smiling face automatically makes others smile back and you yourself will feel less stressed out.  Sound confident and happy while giving your interviews. Nobody likes to see a sad or disgruntled face - leave alone employ them in a customer-facing role.  I am sure you will find something worthy soon enough. Wishing you all the best in all you do!

Babita recommends the following next steps:

Prep yourself up for the interview. Dress smartly and read about the organization before you reach the place.
Work out a study plan and stick to it. You will have to work hard and ensure your studies do not suffer because you're devoting time to work.

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Ali’s Answer

It’s challenging at first but if you really stand out and look the part you will be successful just stay confident when your doing these interviews speak about your goals behind that job.

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David’s Answer

The key is to inventory your personal strengths and interests. This will allow you to look for the right opportunity and be able to sell your value to a business.

In addition Networking is really important I got my first job at a place my best friend worked. Most entry level positions are not looking for experience they are looking for a great attitude, integrity, and someone motivated to learn.

Good luck on your search.

David recommends the following next steps:

Personal inventory
List potential jobs based upon your inventory
Network with friends, family for opportunities
Potentially start as a volunteer someplace for experience.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Javier,

I completely understand where you're coming from in your job search. If you're worried about the social aspect of the food/retail industry, I would recommend asking if they have positions with less interaction (i.e. stocking shelves, cooking, etc.).


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Shannon’s Answer

Be willing to try something like apply for a cook position that doesn't have to interact with the customers.  You will be able to learn new skills if you are willing to be trained. This is not a permanent job and I remember doing jobs that I didn't always love but I made money and it made me proud to earn my own money. Good luck!

Shannon recommends the following next steps:

Be willing to try something like apply for a cook position that doesn't have to interact with the customers.
Ask friends that have jobs if their companies are hiring. At least you would know someone you were working with if you got a job at the same company
Remember this is only a summer position to earn money for college and it is not going to be fun sometimes or the perfect job but that is why you are going to college.

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Gail’s Answer

Hi Javier, it is hard to land that first job, because without experience the jobs go to people who do have experience.  Remember though, everyone had to land that first job when they had no experience, so it can be done.  And first jobs are not forever jobs.  They are simply a starting point before you move on to something that you like more. Like you, I was desperate and the family was poor.   I took whatever I could get, worked after school, studied at night and paid my own way through college.  I had plenty of jobs I did not like, but I got that paycheck and every job taught me something that was of value.  Good luck!  You will succeed I have no doubt.