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Angie Apr 16, 2019 172 views

What other strengths or experiences might I need to be a nurse?

I would like to be a Pediatric Registered Nurse.

Javier’s Avatar
Javier May 18, 2018 877 views

Why is it so hard to find a job ?

I'm 16 year old and i'm getting pressured to find a job by my parents and my friends. My closest friend already has a job and that really made me agitated to get a job. I desperately need a job so it could help pay for my college tuition because I come from a low income family. The problem is...

Jeama’s Avatar
Jeama May 25, 2016 3855 views

What is the best course for an introvert person?

I am an introvert person. I know to myself that I am not Good in public speaking or facing a huge crowd. I am a shy type. Entering college is not easy for me. Choosing a course is a very hard decision because it will be your future someday. So, can you help me about this confusing question?...

Sherese’s Avatar
Sherese May 25, 2016 1991 views

Is psycology considered to be a social science or behavioral science?

I keep finding so many mixed answers on this, and I want to see what is the right one. #science #psychology #social-sciences #behavioral-science

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron May 25, 2016 1421 views

Is there any way to be an honest lawyer?

I want to go into the field of law because I believe I am good at debating, but I have heard that to be a lawyer you must have no morals. Is this true? #law #lawyer #humanities

Pratheep’s Avatar
Pratheep May 25, 2016 1982 views

what is mechatronics?

I am an grade 12th students doing my science,few of my friends are planning to do their bachelors in engineering in Mechatronics stream,what exactly is it? Is is combination of mechanical and electronics?.What would be the job profile of a mechatronics engineer. #engineer #mechanical-engineer...