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What are your hours of work, how many hours do you work per week and month. Do you sometimes have to work overtime and take work home. Do you work regular hours or shifts?

My school Ferdinand Postma High School has given me a formal assessment to do research on the career that i want to pursue in the future.
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1 answer

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Shazia’s Answer

Hi Nathan

I have a PhD in Biochemistry / Cell and Molecular Biology and was working as a Research Fellow (PostDoctoral) till recently.

Careers in Research can be very intensive, requiring long hours in the laboratory performing experiments.

Work as a PostDoc researcher includes designing /planning,executing and analyses of experiments, along with regular work presentations, and report , grant and paper writing. you can choose to read literature make presentations, et at home.
It may also include mentoring and training students and colleagues.
A you become more senior, your time on the bench goes down with other activities taking more time.

A lot depends lot on which specific area of research you specialize in.

Hope this helps.