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David E. Oct 21, 2014 1132 views

What kinds of careers combine biology and chemistry and what are they like?

I would like to know which possible careers are open if I were to take biochemistry in college. #biology #chemistry #careers...


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Keffim C. Apr 09, 2015 585 views
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Chrissy101 C. Jun 27, 2015 1814 views

Do I absolutely need to take bio,Chem and physics in high school to become a doctor?

I'm currently in grade 10 but in September I will be in grade 11. I was wondering if I absolutely need to take bio,Chem and physics in high school to become a doctor? Can I just take science 20? Will I not become a doctor if I don't take these courses in high school? #doctor #medicine #science...

#university #high-school #pre-med

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Nathan K. Aug 22, 2015 690 views

What are your hours of work, how many hours do you work per week and month. Do you sometimes have to work overtime and take work home. Do you work regular hours or shifts?

My school Ferdinand Postma High School has given me a formal assessment to do research on the career that i want to pursue in the future. #science #forensic...


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Jacob T. Oct 23, 2015 612 views

Do I have to go to high school in order to be a marine biologist?

do I have to go to college or can I go right off the bat....


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likhitha B. Apr 21, 2016 500 views
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Rachel L. May 09, 2016 402 views

If I get a degree in Biology, what are the jobs out there for me

1st year college...


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D A. May 30, 2016 519 views

I want to do my own science, how can I make my mind towards it?

I'm interested in doing experiments. #science...


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maurice W. Oct 22, 2016 523 views

What faculties or companies will allow for independent genetic research with funding for large scale projects?

Hello, my name is Maurice and I seeking answer for my questions about life. I plan to go to college to major in chemical engineering / biological science(biochemistry)to better understand mutation and adaption of specific species. My hope is do experiments to better benefit society. #biology...

#molecular-biology #research #biochemistry #research-and-development #medical-research #clinical-research

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Zadi P. Aug 30, 2018 159 views

what is the daily life of a zoologist?

I am interested in knowing more about zoologist. I am a junior in high school and i think it would be interesting to learn what exactly a zoologist does in his/her daily life. #zoology...