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Double Majoring

I hear that going to college for one major can be difficult enough. Isn't two better than one? If I wanted to pursue a career in business and law, could I major in both to be competitive within the professional field, or, should I major in business and minor in law? I feel that earning two majors shows passion and dedication, showing any hiring team in the professional field I want to go into that I am serious about my job. Should I stick to only one major and chose a minor? Or should I double major to be competitive? #majors #choosing-a-major #double-major #college-major

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2 answers

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Ria’s Answer

If you are very passionate about two different fields, I would suggest double majoring. I did that in college and don't regret it at all. I was able to dive deep into both my fields of interests, but it did require substantial planning. I took part of my summer before freshman year to outline the requirements for both my prospective majors and core requirements for my school so that I could get an idea of when I needed to take what. This helped me stay on track for graduation (I actually graduated in 3.5 years!). Make sure that your double majors can compliment each other depending on your career interests. For example, as I am interested in international affairs, I took on Human and Organizational Development and Asian Studies as my two majors.

Ria recommends the following next steps:

Look into complimentary majors depending on your professional interests. You may want to talk to first year advisors in your school and see what they suggest in terms of what fields to major or double major in!

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Rachael’s Answer

Hi Chole,

I originally went to college with a major and minor. It was not until my senior year I chose to double major because I realized I only needed to complete an additional 2 courses for the minor to become a major. I would suggest researching how aligned your intended majors will be. If they have many overlapping course and it does not add too much to your course load having both fields of study will certainly be a benefit. You mention business and law, if you intend to attend law school perhaps majoring in business prior could enable you to achieve both.

Best of luck.