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Finding loans

Where should I look to get loans for college? It's unlikely that I'll be able to get enough scholarships to pay entirely for college, and I'm not sure where to find reasonable loans

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2 answers

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Luiz’s Answer

Hi, Isaiah C,

I did a research, that resulted in the below topics, for helping you, before just thinking in loans:
1) Use Your Savings
2) Work a Part-time Job
3) Apply for Financial Aid
4) Apply for Scholarships
5) At last, apply for Loans

Now, I`ll discuss about the number 5
Please, if possible, you can do a research about the following topics and return. Because I can check for you if those are good conditions:

1) How much financial assistance should I apply for?
2) What are the interest rates like on loans I qualify for? (very important)
3) What are the repayment terms for the loan? (also, very important)
4) What kind of monthly payments will I be able to afford?
5) Do you have the proper supporting documents needed to apply?

Good Luck!

Luiz recommends the following next steps:

Interest rates and repayment terms for the loan

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cecilia’s Answer

Go to the bank, they offer good loans for students.