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What Majors are music-related?

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I'm considering majoring in music but it might depend on what's offered in a college/university. I just want to know all my options. #music #music-production #musician

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Austin’s Answer


Hi Kimberly,

Really good questions. So most schools offer a couple different music related majors. It is hard to say exactly which music related majors are offered as every school is different; there are some schools with many music related majors while there are some that have very few/no music related majors. If you want to know what majors are offered, I would look on the website of the different colleges that you are interested in applying to. Most/all schools have a website and they will post the different majors that are offered as well as the required classes that you have to take and the amount of credits that are required to graduate. The website should provide all of this information so be sure to do your research.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!!