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Where are good places to work during college?

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2 answers

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Jessica’s Answer

Hi Caitlin,

I second the idea of exploring the Resident Advisor program for your college's dorms. This is a great way to not only earn money, but your housing is covered, and you get to inspire students.

My other suggestion would be looking into your college's student-work program. You can work at the library, the computer lab, etc while also being given guaranteed times to study. My personal experience involves joining my favorite professor's TA team. I helped manage 1000 students grades, facilitate projects, prepare slides and maintain office hours. During those office hours, I had the opportunity to study for my own classes.

I hope this helps!


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yoonji’s Answer

Hi Caitlin! There are so many options to consider! The first step I'd suggest is to evaluate what is important for you. Is it to have a job that is easygoing where you can squeeze some study time while on the job? Perhaps a job at your college library or recreation center/gym is worth considering. Would you like to save some money on housing? Then you could live and work as a Resident Advisor in the dorms. Is there a particular industry or job that interests you? I'd suggest taking an internship or job with a company or nonprofit organization that operates in this career field. (I'd highly suggest you getting some work experience by the second half of your college career to strengthen your resume and prepare you for the working world.) Ask your fellow classmates, professors, or school counselors for tips on what jobs to apply for and what job boards to look at.

Take stock of what is most important to you at this stage in your college career and find a job that allows you to excel in your studies but also matches your interest and availability. Hope this helps!