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Will I know when my major/career is the perfect fit for me?

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Ever since I was little, I wanted to go into the medical field. I have enjoyed job shadows, but what if medicine isn't the right fit for me even though I have wanted it all my life? #doctor #medical-field #medicine #medschool #healthcare

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Michelle’s Answer


Hi, Kaitlyn K. - You will be most comfortable taking it one step at a time. Your journey towards your preferred career can be very rewarding if you make small and big goals. Projecting into the distant future may not prove to be productive. That being said, my advice is to take advantage of all aspects of the medical field. It is such an enormous and diverse field ! My best advice is not to start out thinking it wouldn't be right for you. If you are having those feelings, explore where they may be coming from. You have the love in your heart for the medical field and the next thing to do is pursue it. Best wishes to you in your future goals !

The very realistic answer is yes and no ! Don't worry though, I will explain.

In college, you will have some enormously wonderful days and some horribly down days. This is normal in everything. You may even be three years into your major when you think about changing majors. You can if you want, however, it helps to find a mentor, someone who likes your work and talk it out with them.

It happened to me in my third year as a theatre major. I was going to switch my major to psychology but talking it out with one of my theatre professors changed my mind. I followed through, received my Bachelors in theatre and proceeded to work as a theatre professional for the following 12 years. It was very, very rewarding.

You should also ask yourself : Am I going to college only to work towards a good career or will I use my college experience to also explore and test myself, my limits and strong points ? College will afford you to a great opportunity get to know yourself better as you grow intellectually and socially. You will be able to tell which field of work you'd like to dedicate yourself to. Best wishes in your important decision for your life !

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