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How do you make a good resume?

Asked Bastrop, Texas

when applying to a collage what should you do on your resume to make a good impression. #pro #collage #rightpath

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Ana’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

at the top you include your education( you high school assume) and your GPA if you want. Below this you add any internship or work experience ( even if you worked at mcdonalds). Clearly state what you did in your job and how long you did it ( example: Mcdonalds Cashier May 2016 -June 2017 handled cash, take customer orders,prepare food ) Then you add any clubs you were involved in (example: debate, spanish club ). Also state how long you were in the club and what you did. Below that have complete category for any skills you have ( example: conversational german, C++ and HTML ,) and also list any awards you have ) example: most conversational for spanish club, most games won in chess club )

Ana recommends the following next steps:

  • start with education section ( your high school, GPA)
  • add any intership or work experience ( include your position, tasks done and how long you were then)
  • add section for any clubs ( add your position, what you did and for how long)
  • last section is for any awards, skills or certificates