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How does the military use augmented reality? - Chasatie

Asked Crossville, Tennessee

I'm interested in being a soldier one day, and I am learning about AR at STEM camp. Does the military ever use AR technology, and how does it help physically as well as mentally? Thank you.

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2 answers

Danny’s Answer


Yes. They have actually been using the technology for years.

Here’s how: What was once the reserve of fighter pilots, the advances of Moore’s Law means that impressive heads-up display units will soon be standard issue for regular ground troops. Through the use of wearable glasses and headsets, key data points will be overlaid onto a battlefield – everything from mapping information to mission parameters to markers defining the movements of allied troops and enemy forces. 

Topographical data can be relayed to a troop along with video feeds from remote overhead drones or fellow forces elsewhere on the field. All the while, the transparent nature of AR glasses (as opposed to the all-encompassing view of a virtual reality headset) lets the wearer maintain situational and environmental awareness. The potential chaos of what’s going on around a soldier can still be seen and actioned upon.

Kaley’s Answer

Updated Alpharetta, Georgia

Great question. The military use AR or Augmented Reality for different reasons. Some which includes training in the Air Force for learning to fly an aircraft.

Yes the military does use augment reality when they use the simulators to add to the aircrews already learned skills.