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Can athletes use augmented reality? - Julia, Kylie

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We want to be athletes. We like to run. At STEM Camp they're teaching us augmented reality. Can you use it for sports or athletics?

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4 answers

Victoria’s Answer


Hi Vil,

This is a great question! The short answer is yes virtual reality and augmented reality are literally changing the world as we know it! In the very near future, VR and AR will be everywhere. You are interested in sports and there are some very important applications in sports medicine, sports performance, and all aspects of the sports industry. AR and VR are ways of taking massive amounts of data and stitching the data together to make a virtual picture of reality. This is exciting.

Check out this article:

"6 Ways Augmented Reality is Disrupting The Sports Industry"


If you would like to learn more about this field, check out this link:

Definitions: Virtual reality vs augmented reality


My company, Verizon, is working hard to bring these technologies to you. Here are some more articles. Let me know what you think. How would you use AR?

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Remigio’s Answer


Yes! Actually a lot of NFL teams are using AR technically during their daily practice sessions. I'm sure as the technology advances more and more sports will find ways to use it.

Eddie Punefuolemotu’s Answer


Great Question. I have included an article on the matter. But in my personal opinion I believe that this would be a great tool for athletes. They Can better see how to implement defenses and plays by feeding data straight on to the court for practices. It'll also help create a practice environment that is realistic. This can further improve the players reading skills and reactions.


Rachael’s Answer


Hi! I am a runner myself. One super fun way to incorporate other aspects of ar technology in a sports as our digital world ever changes is human anatomy atlas 2019 by visible body which is available for ios and Android for purchase! It's a great start to dabble in AR and learn about your anatomy especially when it comes to understanding sports injuries