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Is it hard being in a completely male dominated environment?

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7 answers

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Kim’s Answer

No, quite the contrary, it's easier! They don't gossip nearly as much as girls, you won't have to worry about what you are wearing and what they think of it, etc. etc. etc. If you have a disagreement with them, once it is over, it is over - there's no lingering grudge.

I worked with men for 25 years, as a police officer. I then went into social services, working mostly with women, and I still don't understand it. They are always talking about people! I have rarely had an intelligent discussion with any of them about anything!

With men, you have to keep it professional. Don't date them. They need to appreciate you for your skills. You can be friends, but it stops there. However, don't be the one who is totally offended if they as much as mumble a curse word. Obviously, you report stuff that's totally inappropriate. You decide where that line is. The sooner you think about this, the more prepared you will be if or when that situation arises.

I truly enjoyed working with guys. I hope you have the same experience!!


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Farnaz’s Answer

It is not hard but it is different. It's great for the company to have a diverse work force so you are an asset to them and they should make it feel comfortable for you. So it very much depends on the culture of the company. Before accepting their offer make sure to do as much vetting as possible. You're looking for a respectful culture that understands and values your work.

It doesn't matter what is your role just remember that they need you that's why they hired you.

Unlike the other answer to this question I don't think you should accept curse words and bad behavior as "boys being boys". This is a good article to read:

You're offering great work and they should offer you respect and comfortable environment. There are always difficult people to work with regardless of their gender but the environment shouldn't be making you feel like an outsider or uncomfortable.

Men gossip a lot too. They are competitive too so from that side I don't see any difference.

Farnaz recommends the following next steps:

Interview the company's culture as they interview you
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Samantha’s Answer

Working in a male dominant isn't hard, honestly it is sometimes more fun! The males will tell you how it is and there is hardly any gossiping or rumors being spread. Everyone seems to get along really well which helps make the work environment less toxic. Sometimes you may have to prove yourself to the other men but all in all it is a good environment to work in.

However, even if the environment was hard you can do anything that you choose to put your mind to! Being a certain gender (or anything else) shouldn't be a determining factor on whether or not you are hired, accepted, etc.
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Sharon’s Answer

No. Go for it!

Universities and companies are both working to attract diversity.

I agree that men can be more competitive, but you can overcome this with your own capabilities. As with any successful career, you'll need to advocate for yourself and be your biggest champion. However, if you perform well, there are good chances that your hard work will payoff and be rewarded.

As far as the interpersonal dynamic, I would agree that in general, working with men tends to be more casual and less stressful. Keep it professional! As with all professional work relationships, I would encourage you to listen and get to know people. Do not be intimidated! There are great careers out there for women in STEM. The world needs you.

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Jean’s Answer

I have worked in US software companies for most part of my career and there are jobs across all departments which are not necessarily male dominated (e.g. legal or finance department, marketing or facilities management). I am also seeing women make inroads into product engineering teams and in one of my ex company, the key product engineering team had a woman Vice-President. Women in Tech is a huge community and we should continue to support women joining technology companies.

You should follow your passion and be assured that you are standing on the shoulders of women who had paved the way for you to join any male dominated fields. There are Diversity and Inclusion policies in most companies, especially technology companies, so be assured that you will be given more than a fair chance to make it in male dominated professions.
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Nicole’s Answer


Great Question!!

I don't find it difficult as I think that there are similar positive & challenging personalities in both men and women. You will find extroverts, introverts, competitors, gossips, etc and so on.

Taking each person for who they are empowers you to also be your authentic self. I dress professionally but don't try to 'fit in' when it comes to my attire or mannerisms . I have walked into many a conference room wearing my pink heels and letting me contributions speak for themselves. Being a productive member or leader of the team is what makes the most impact.

Best of luck and thanks for giving me opportunity to share my experience,

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Andrea’s Answer

You can do anything you put your heart and mind into- I worked with a lot of contractors in the granite and marble industry and the best advice I have is to be educated and work hard. Don’t try to compete and NEVER think anyone (male OR female) is better at something than you are. Your work will speak for you and being good, thorough, and knowledgeable will be your keys to your success.