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What is the role of a guidance counselor in the future of education?

Trends in education are becoming more technology driven. The personal connection for educators and students could be at risk. What will the future role be for educators as technology becomes the driving force in education? #guidance-counselor #k-12education

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Nancy’s Answer

According to edsurge.com, an online site regarding technology in education, "coaching" is replacing "advising" as the new model. Much of this is online and telephone interaction with students. While face-to-face connections still exist and are powerful in education, the ability to access a multitude of services for students through an online platform is an exciting development in the field, especially in college advising. In K-12 there will always be a need for an advisor or counselor to be present in schools, in my opinion, because that's where the students spend most of their time and is where educational planning, peer conflicts, and teacher referrals largely occur.

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