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Abdul Nasir Bwogi

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Kampala, Central Region, Uganda
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Emily Oct 12, 2021 541 views

How do I get started in the Emergency Management field?

I am a current undergraduate at North Dakota State University, living in Hillsboro, OR. I am studying emergency management and biological sciences, and am currently involved with the red cross as a recovery specialist and emergency management government liaison. I am incredibly interested in...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Dec 01, 2021 488 views

2. How often do serious accidents occur in this job?

I am curious to see how frequent are the deaths, accidents and other things that happen in this job.
#career #job #police #investigate

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Dec 25, 2021 4926 views

What kind of internships should I seek out as a Business-Economics Major?

Hello, I am currently a business-economics major at the University of California-Los Angeles, and I am looking for internships for the upcoming summer. Also looking to minor in accounting. As of now, I'm a bit unsure of what internships I should be looking for as I want to get internships...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Aug 02, 2018 1160 views

What is the role of a guidance counselor in the future of education?

Trends in education are becoming more technology driven. The personal connection for educators and students could be at risk. What will the future role be for educators as technology becomes the driving force in education? #guidance-counselor #k-12education

akira’s Avatar
akira May 15, 2021 429 views

Possible questions for the entrance exam in psychology

What are the some possible questions for the entrance exam in psychology #psychology

Deena’s Avatar
Deena Sep 28, 2021 502 views

What inspired you to do this job?

I am a high schooler. The jobs I would like to do are either a psychologist, pediatrician or a biochemist. #psychology #pediatrician #doctor #helpothers #medicine

Alaina’s Avatar
Alaina Dec 10, 2021 448 views

What is your most favorite part about being an actor?

#actor #acting #film-acting

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Angel Jun 01, 2021 883 views

Why become an ob-gyn?

My reason is simple I want to be an ob-gyn because I enjoy the thought of helping women all around the world go through one of the hardest things in life. Childbirth to me is like a new breath of fresh air for another living thing. No matter what they become they have a whole world to pick from...

Paige’s Avatar
Paige May 18, 2021 493 views

Looking for answers about helpful college majors and classes for lawyers.

As I begin my college career in the fall, I am wondering if there are any helpful classes or majors that work well in law careers. I am aware that there is no major requirement for law school, but wondering if there are any particular classes/majors that lawyers still find helpful in their...

Lakiriaha’s Avatar
Lakiriaha May 05, 2021 925 views

Being a detective, what is the most challenging investigation?

What would you consider the most trickiest case?#Criminal Minds #management

Kquevhin’s Avatar
Kquevhin May 01, 2021 768 views

What to expect in business psychology and what are possible careers?

I'm currently a high school senior, and I'm interested in business psychology. What courses and topics should I expect once I enter college, and what are the career paths for this? Aside from that, what resources can I refer to or activities I should do to help me prepare for what's ahead?...

Norah’s Avatar
Norah May 25, 2021 803 views

What does a day in the life of a Museum Curator look like?

I'm writing a blog for class about working as a Museum Curator. #history #anthropology #museum #art #work #blog #curator

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Yazlynn Feb 24, 2021 573 views

How do you become known to the modeling industry if you don't have that big of a platform, things like Instagram .

My name is Yazlynn. I am a 15 year old school girl that enjoys both sports and modeling. When I was younger, a family friend of mine had her own modeling business I joined. We went to small shows almost every weekend and kept up with a specific diet. I loved it because I see myself as a very...

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Gin Mar 03, 2021 577 views

What are the must-follow steps to become a law consular?

I am a law student from Morocco and I want to be a law consular.
I am in my third year of college ( we study 5 years) and I specialize in private law . #law #pre-law #politics